Light up the world (day 5& 6)

I didn’t have the time to write about the light yesterday. There was too much to do. Storm Matthew is closing in and we’re expecting strong winds and a lot of rain today. Preparations had to be made.

That sounds dramatic, but it’s not so bad. Aruba gets spared most of the storms. There hasn’t been one this close for some years. And it hasn’t even reached hurricane levels yet. Predictions are it won’t until it’s passed us.

My thoughts are with the people on islands who aren’t so lucky.

My thoughts are also with the human capacity for empathy and love for complete strangers. Islands who do get heavy hits, like Haiti, always receive a huge outpouring of love and help after disaster strikes. We don’t even reflect on how remarkable this is. We just hear the news, think “Oh no. That’s terrible.” and give what we can. That’s the light in all of us. We’re so very capable of shining. Hurricane season is only one of the things that prove it.

I’ve often said it will take the very worst of circumstances to bring out the very best in man. (And I’ve gotten a lot of disagreement on it as well. I’ve yet to be convinced it’s wrong though. You may try, please do try if you think I’m wrong. But this is what I’m seeing, time and time again)

The light and love is there. What we need to do now, it realize it’s there, nurture it and develop it. So we will all shine without the necessity of disaster.

We are light.
Light up Medium.
Light up the world.

I’ve tagged this day 6 as well. It’s preemptive. If we get a lot of lightning, our power plant shuts down to prevent any damage. Chances are we won’t have power this evening. A small nuisance. Candles will be lit and the light will shine.

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