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poetry found while scrolling down

Based on your reading history
this just might be
a poem
quenched in authenticity
from your network.
Your poem;
an experiment.
I write poetry too, sometimes.
Because of grace;
beautiful, loving, joyous, free.
The promise of someday
writing a Shakespearean sonnet.

“The story of how I wrote a poetry book and created my authentic self in the process;
I just finished my poetry book.”
“Who says words don’t sell?”
“How to get your poetry + short stories published — a guide for getting your shorter works out into the world.”
“How to trust the magic in your creative world — when you know it’s great don’t stop believing.”

Good grief.
Are you trying to win the internet?

Stop copying your heroes — you won’t become successful by trying to mimic someone else’s life.
The world is trying to make you miserable. And it will succeed — unless you do something about it.

From your Network;
his masterpiece,
an ember of hope.
Just keep on writing,
no matter what happens, don’t stop.
I’ll always be there
navigating the steady stream of awful dating advice.

Home is always worth it.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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