Medium Shoots…it misses!

Ooooh, look a shiny new feature on Medium!

“Writers you might like”

This concept, it’s a great concept. It’s fantastic. Medium has the best concepts.

(*cough*Sorry for the bad Trump impersonation there, it’s been a weird day.)

Awww, Medium, I’m so flattered you’d think of me. Really I am. But your picks, they’re way too random. This is the first suggested writer I might like:

A city church? In New Orleans? The only remote connection I might have to New Orleans, is that I appreciate the blues. And I’m an Atheist. I really don’t want to follow anyone profile whose top stories titles start with “Jesus”. I’m sure there’s people here who want to read about Jesus, I’m not one of them. I don’t follow the religion tag. I’ve written maybe two stories in 1137 that had anything to do with religion. So um, why am I getting this profile? Or is this not something I, particularly, might like, but simply profiles that could use a little exposure? If so, that’s still a great concept. But then don’t pretend these were hand picked for me.

This can be so great though! A for effort. Okay, A- for effort. Keep em coming. Actually, instead of only a ‘follow’ button, can we get a “Nope, try again” button? I’m sure it’s valuable information to whomever wrote this little gem to know how far they were off.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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