My days are pretty much full, so yes, I could in theory google to see what, if anything this lady did with her ideas. But I know that it would stay to that one look. I’m much too busy to get actively involved in another project.

Aside from the time constraints, the concept is one I can get behind. Only I wouldn’t start with interviews with already established adult entertainment. These people can only speak from self selected sample group (The whole>people near them>who pay for adult entertainment(or are in the adult entertainment industry)>who seek out their branch of entertainment (or work in this branch)) and very likely are not helping with the question “What turns women on?”

It’s a topic I’ve looked into before, only I turned to Dr Justin Lehmiller, who runs a Sex and Psychology blog, writes columns for both the Kinsey Institute and Playboy (and got himself banned from Psychology Today for questioning their research methods, it seems even in science I prefer the trouble makers) but more importantly, has done extensive research on sexual fantasies and is still actively collecting data on the subject. While on the subject, take a moment to fill out the questionnaire. For science.

The fantasies themselves seem to have very little gender difference when it comes to topics, the one real difference that sets female fantasies apart from male fantasies is setting. Women tend to spend as much time describing locations, clothing and even what they were eating/drinking (if applicable) as sex acts when asked to describe their fantasies. Which tells me this is as important to them as the act itself. So if I were to target women in my porn I’d spend a whole lot more attention to those things than usually is the case. And lighting, but that is more because I personally dislike the over-lit aesthetic of most porn.

Where I would start with any sort of real research on a project like this, is the comments on sites like PornHub. If people are moved enough to write out a thought about whatever video they been watching it would be good to pay attention to those. Pick up on any trends on there. I might not get anything conclusive from the comments, but I think it would help tremendously with the “not knowing what I don’t know” problem. Any research starts with formulating a good question.

But like I said, I don’t have the time to stick into this, nor the desire to make that time. Perhaps in 2018.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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