My Fiction Stories Now Sorted By Genre

Thanks to Medium’s reading list feature

I used to have a pinned story on my profile with two different series, one fantasy and one Sci-fi, both of which were the sort of serial fiction that could still be read as stand-alone stories. I have recently learned that pinned stories are not supported in Medium’s mobile apps. Armed with this knowledge, I have gone through all of my stories and added my fiction stories to reading lists sorted by genre. These reading lists can be found by clicking on the “lists” navigation tab on my profile, or by following the links below.

The Fantasy reading list is the new home of my Seeker’s Respite stories, and a few stand-alone stories. It’s all about magic, myths and the supernatural. If there is an overarching theme to this list, it’s “be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.”

The Crime reading list has the largest volume of genre stories. I should point out that most of them are not who-done-its or Noir type detective tales, although there are a couple of those as well. It’s mostly from the point of view of the criminal. Expect a lot of monologuing, both out loud and internal.

The Romance list is all about that passionate love between two people. Or passionate hate. Or one sided passionate obsession. When it comes to love, all is fair, as long as it’s passionate.

My horror stories could well have fit in with the Fantasy reading list. There’s a lot of supernatural things in here. The difference is that most these stories were written to be scary. There’s a little bit of horror comedy as well.

I don’t write very much Sci-Fi, but I always enjoy it when I do. Here is where you find the Subject Seven series of stories. Some stories in that series could Have made it into horror. Horror and Sci-Fi go really well together.

The Literary Fiction list is where all my stories ended up that don’t fit into any of the genre lists. Since it’s such a broad concept, it ended up being my longest list. There’s a little bit for everyone in here, including a few creative-nonfiction stories.

A list with my more tantalizing stories. I try to keep it tasteful, but this list is definitely not safe for work.



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Aura Wilming


Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.