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Aura longs to enter a world without administration offices, without family, without clocks, or anything else. To have a world all to herself, without anyone.

Such a world will never happen, because unknown to her, Aura Wilming has some decades ago entered…


…tudududu tudududu…

Of course fitting to the story, if I were to enter such a world, the whole internet would cease to exist. Or more cruelly, it would stay up and I would spend a few weeks reading my heart out and then realize there’s no new stories coming and my recommends and comments are pointless because there’s no one else using Medium.


(Author’s note: It just occurred to me that this intro might be lost on people. It’s a slight alteration of the beginning of Twilight Zone episode ‘Time Enough At Last’. Watch the climax here.)

I’m kidding, I love my family. I like other people. I even enjoy my job, mostly. I wouldn’t want all of that to go away. Not really. And a couple of seconds after a fantasy like that gets into my mind I recognize it as the hell it would be.

But the fact remains that I feel I have way too little time to spend on reading. I’ve been telling myself I should take the time and sit and read. There are a lot of stories, specially serial stories, I just haven’t gotten around to yet and I really do want to read them. Between work, family, and the usual obligations of life, there’s too little time to do the reading I want to do, and write, and practice my other hobbies from time to time, and sleep.

And then I stumble across someone who claims you are only a writer if you write every day.

Oh, fuck off.

Just because you take a day to read, or play, or lounge at the beach, or do any of the million things that makes life worth living, doesn’t make you any less of a writer. You don’t stop being who you are by how you choose to spend your time.

I say I’m a writer because, even when I’m doing other things, even when I’m not actively putting words down, I am still busy with writing. I’m still narrating stories in my head. Still formulating sentences. Still picking up ideas and turning them around, trying to see all the angles.

So you just do you. And just ignore those who would tell you you are anything less than you are just because you are different from them.

‘Writing’ while doing other things is pretty easy for me. Reading while doing other things, not so much. I’m going to schedule in a week vacation and I am planning to only read in that time. That probably won’t happen like that, I’m sure, but that’s the plan anyway.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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