Nope, sorry. The form of reasoning that men are more likely to be sexually aggressive because they are drunk, just does not hold up when it’s put to the test. In a study done on just this topic, the results where that is was not possible to predict transgressions based on the intoxication of the initiator (yes, mostly men). It was however possible to predict them based on the intoxication of the target (yes, mostly women).

A quote from an article from the Kinsey Institute, still the authority on human sexual behavior:

Men’s alcohol consumption was not associated with engagement in aggressive behaviors towards women, nor did it predict invasiveness or persistence of such acts of aggression.

However, the authors note that men’s invasiveness and persistence toward women increased when women were intoxicated. To me, these findings suggest that men are intentional in their acts — they are targeting intoxicated women, perhaps because they see such women as “easy targets.”

Drunk women are targeted. Because we still see it as if that makes it her fault. This would be a very good reason for women not to drink in public places. I do advice my daughter not to drink. Not because it’s wrong to, but because this judgment of men, that’s supposedly impaired so much they would rape, is actually a twisted judgment they can get away with it.

Only abusive assholes rapists rape. A man who is not an abusive asshole rapist can drink as much as he likes and would never rape. An abusive asshole rapist is more likely to rape a drunk woman because he judges his chances to get away with it to be higher.

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