Please be gentle with me

Now when have I ever been not gentle with you? I have been nothing but a pure delight in all our conversations, sir.

Did you know appreciation for bitter flavors is a thing people are born with? While one can get used to sweet, sour and salty pallets, bitter is something you either do or do not like without change. Personally, I enjoy a good amount of bitter. I like things like strong coffee, dark chocolate, raw endive and grapefruits.

That’s why I find “pear necklaces” and “facials” a waste.

my thoughts/feelings about BDSM; I’m just not into soiled nappies/diapers or bedwetting

Not a lot of people would categorize diaper play, age play, and water-sports in Bondage Dominance Sado-Masochism and even then, it is a very broad umbrella term. You can protest all you like, you’ve already admitted you like the D.

Granted it’s a narrow aspect you are into but into it you are.

But I’m not a voyeur and watching others just doesn’t do it for me

I know it’s a shocking concept, but not everything that entertains me is sexual. Those videos were (on YouTube, so it’s completely family friendly) just simple amazement at the stupidity of some people, and the lengths they will go to get attention. For all that work, I don’t feel bad giving them some of my attention.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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