Oh dear, I’m in a bit of a state, so I hope I can explain the words “don’t care” I choose here.

I know you, the two paramedics and the intern that responded today, care for us as humans. They just don’t care about the drama — that bit of drama that had my mom hiding in the bedroom when they showed up because her mascara had run and her clothes were stained by blood and “what would people think” because they wouldn’t think about the makeup and blood at all. They, you, wouldn’t care about panic or hysterics. You can’t care about the show of vulnerability at vulnerable times. They don’t care that I had to say “give me 2 minutes to put on something other than a bathing suit” or that I hadn’t had time to take a shower and there was still beach sand in my hair. That bit of not caring. Because life has a habit of not waiting till we’re ready.

And they don’t care that it’s supposedly paradise, happy sunny and colorful.

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