Oh, wow. Yeah I completely understand this perception you need to hold both for your own sanity and for further interaction with your subjects.

Can I tell you the flip side though?

I have worked as Pharmacy Tech for years. My interactions with addicts in need is a larger sample base, and largely with people not in crisis. As soon as you notice people becoming addicted, and at our location that was mostly benzodiazepines and codeine, we almost immediately knew who was going to be a problem and who wasn’t. Everyone was pleasant enough as long as they had prescriptions to fill, but you’d get the vibes, you know? We would predict with surprising accuracy which ones would try to make excuses (I’m still surprised how much a chihuahua can eat of those things without getting in respiratory distress. Ha.) which ones would try to get fake prescriptions filled, which ones would start to be threatening. Once people get hooked on the pills, more often than not, they would come in under the influence. They wanted more as soon as they had taken the last of them. Sometimes when they still had some but were in fear of running out. And those vibes, if anything, would only grow stronger when they weren’t sober. You didn’t get strange or different vibes. Just more ‘them’ but now without pride and social standing getting in the way.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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