Sean held her leg with his left hand under her calf and took the the razor from her with his right. Anna could feel his hand tremble slightly. He hesitated for a second. “I’ve never done this before. How…which direction do I go?”

“From the ankle upwards. Just the lower leg” she replied, her voice a little less steady than she wanted it to be. She had never told a man to shave her legs either. The idea someone else would be handling a blade next to her skin suddenly made her feel a lot more nervous than she thought she would be. She could hear her heart beating in her ears. But it was also a huge turn on. “Don’t worry, they are safety razors” she added more for her sake than his.

Sean ran the razor in gentle, careful strokes up to her knee. Scooping up a hand full of water after each stroke to wash away any cut hairs and then tracing the freshly shaved skin with the tops of his fingers. Anna let herself relax. Sean’s touch still felt as if his fingers were charged with a low voltage. The skin on her legs always got extra sensitive after shaving and now with the state she was in, Sean’s caresses kept sending shivers up her spine. When a soft moan escaped her she could feel the hand supporting her calf tighten its grip ever so slightly.

Sean was concentrating on his task, only making eye contact once as he had finished shaving one leg and was about to move to the other. The hunger in his eyes made it clear he had much more self control than he had claimed before. She bit her lip and rested her head on the edge of the tub, enjoying every second of being pampered by his touch.

Sean put down the razor but before he released her leg he pressed his lips against her now smooth skin. Anna stroked his hair. She closed her fingers around a hand full and gently pulled his head up and back. That had been done to her countless times. To now do it to someone else felt great. It felt powerful. She made Sean’s head turn towards her. “There’s towels in the closet next to the door. Go get me one.”

Sean jumped up to do as she asked. When he turned back to her, towel in hand, she stood up. Anna could hear him suck in breath at the sight of her. It was one of the most satisfying sounds she ever heard. Sean took a step closer. “God, you are beautiful” he breathed.

He wrapped the towel around her shoulders and then scooped her into her arms and out of the bathtub, paying no attention to how the water ran off her unto his clothes and shoes. He was about to walk out of the bathroom with her in his arms. “Wait.” Anna ordered. He stood still. She grabbed her body lotion from its place near the sink. “You get to rub me in” She could feel a shiver run through him. “well, go on.” she said with a smile.

In her room Anna laid on her stomach on the bed. Sean sat on her upper legs, took some of the lotion in his hands and began covering her in it, starting with her shoulders and arms. Some of his self control had gone. She could feel the tops of his fingers eagerly digging into her flesh, but not so hard she could no longer call his touch gentle. He massaged his way down her back, making Anna moan appreciatively. As he got to her buttocks she could feel the slight tremor returning to his hands. She got the impression he wanted to be doing something but was holding himself back. It was a very arousing idea.

“Get off me” she commanded. For a moment Sean froze. “Time for the other side” she added a bit softer. He complied with a small noise that might have been meant as a reply, but no words came out. She turned herself around and lay on her back with her legs slightly open. Sean was sitting on his knees between them. She could see he was breathing heavy and obviously very aroused. Sean took some more lotion and started massaging her breasts, then her belly. His hands had become so hot they almost burned. Anna let herself become more and more aroused. She could feel herself getting wet.

Sean had moved on to her legs, starting at the hip. He got very close to, but didn’t touch her vulva, the area that now felt so hot and longed for his touch. each time his finger tops neared Anna couldn’t help but moan and push her hips upward. To properly rub the lotion over her lower legs, he let her foot rest on his shoulder. Fist the left, then the right. When he got to the ankle on her right leg Anna tried to remove it from his shoulder but he held on to it. He looked in her eyes to see if she would say anything about it. His gaze was full of lust. Then he turned his head and kissed her leg. She breathed a soundless moan.

Sean started kissing her over the length of her leg, moving his way up her thighs and then his lips closed over the top of her pussy and she felt his soft warm tongue press up against her clitoris. Her soundless moans turned to loud moans. “Oh yes”. As Sean’s tongue skillfully played with her clit she felt waves of pleasure travel through her body, building her orgasm. When she arched her back, pushing herself harder against his face, he slid his hands under her ass holding her there. She felt herself starting to throb and before long she was moving her hips on the rhythm. Sean’s hands were kneading her butt cheeks, keeping the pace. With one hard push upwards and a loud moan she came into his mouth.

Sean allowed her to lower her hips back on the bed, but kept his head between her legs and his tongue resting against her throbbing clitoris. Again she grabbed for his hair “Wait, stop.” she said while trying to catch her breath, then repeated a little louder “Stop.” He stopped. Anna slid a bit backwards, away from him. “Stand up.” she ordered. Sean stood at the foot of the bed. “Good. Now, undress.” He was about to pull his button down shirt over his head when she quickly added “Slowly.”

Sean grinned now that he understood what she wanted. He slowly undid each button giving her a the little show she wanted and a moment to recover from her orgasm. When he stood before her naked his raging erection standing straight in front of him, Anna got up and circled him, letting her hands glide over his body, taking it all in. Fuck, he was hot. When she got in front of him again one of her hands stoked his shaft and then closed around it. “Where are the condoms?”

“On the nightstand.” Sean replied with a nod, his impish grin still on his face.

“Hmm, smart man.”

She turned Sean around and pushed him until he was sitting on the bed. She rolled a condom over his penis and then sat on his lap, one leg on each side. Anna used one hand to guide him inside her. She gasped as she felt his cock penetrating her. Aside from orgasm, she always thought this was the best part of sex. She took a moment to just feel him filling her up. She contracted her muscles around him. Sean moaned and wrapped his arms around her. She pushed forward, grinding her still throbbing clitoris against his pelvis bone. Her whole body shuddered. They looked in each other’s eyes and then they were kissing, hands moving and groping everywhere while Anna kept grinding on Sean’s dick in an ever faster tempo. Her moans started coming from low in her throat until her heavy breathing made it near impossible to kiss. She pulled her head away and bit his shoulder knowing it wouldn’t be long to her second orgasm. When she came her body shook violently. Sean pulled her close to him and wanted to stroke her back gently. In reflex she arched away from him and grabbed his wrist removing his hand. Every nerve ending in her body was tingling. She could hardly stand the air on her skin, let alone the light, electrifying touch of Sean’s hands. She still wanted more, but it couldn't be gentle. The only way now was to go for sensory overload. “I need you to fuck me hard” she growled at him. “Oh, god, yes.” Sean moaned back.

He grabbed her by her hips and threw her beside him on the bed. Almost immediately he was on top of her, and pushed himself inside her hard and deep. “Oh yes!”Anna exclaimed in more a yell than a moan “Fuck me!” She was almost crazy with pleasure. Sean kept pounding her fast and hard. Sweat started dripping down from his face. She wrapped her legs around his waist and clawed at his back. Each impact felt like a small orgasm and still they were intensifying, building up.

Their moans were getting louder until the were screaming. “Oh yes! Oh Sean” She pushed upwards once more, hard. Her pussy clamped down around his cock. She could feel him swelling up and then he came too. they collapsed in each other’s arms, panting heavy.

Sean rolled off her and they both stared off into space for a while.

“Oh wow” Anna breathed.


When her heart beat had slowed a little and her breathing felt a bit more normal Anna said: “I could really use a smoke” Sean smiled and nodded. She tried to get up and promptly sat down again.

Sean rolled on his side to face her “What’s the matter?”

“I can’t stand” Anna replied with amazement “My knees won’t lock”

“Did I actually fuck you hard enough that you can’t walk?” Sean asked and laughed. “I heard of that happening, I just never seen it before” He beamed with pride.

Anna giggled. “Oh shut up and go get me a cigarette”

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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