He hadn’t been wrong, per se.

It’s just that he hadn’t thought it all the way through. Hadn’t looked at it from every angle. Hadn’t considered every option. So his conclusion had been, shall we say, incomplete?

And that was okay, sometimes these things escape us. Thinking gets a little too linear. A little too ridged. That’s where she came in. To point out the things he missed. To offer options. There was always an alternative course of action.

Of course, she wouldnt dream of telling him what to do. He was a grown man after all. He could make his own decisions. In the end, he surely knew what was best for him. All she offered was a little friendly advice. Take it of leave it, no hard feelings.

It was his choice.

Her phone bleeped, alerting her to a new message. She reached for it with a smile; the moment of truth.

Damn you, woman.

You’re welcome. She felt like taking a bow. It was never especially hard, just a little tricky to find the correct “just saying” tone. And never actually say “just saying”, people hated that. She strolled to the kitchen, phone in hand, waiting for the follow-up text that would surely come. As she predicted her phone bleeped before she even got to the counter.

You’re right.

And there it was. Another job well done. She quickly typed out a reply

I know :-)

She tossed the phone on the counter. This conversation didn’t need her anymore. I love modern communication, she thought and grinned at her reflection in the kitchen window. Enough for one night. There’d be another one tomorrow. Time to browse Netflix a bit, she decided. Satisfied, she bit into a big red apple.

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