Preparing For The Journey Ahead

Preparation was key in these kinds of undertakings, she knew from experience. Simply beginning would almost guarantee that something was going to prevent her from finishing what she started.

She was pretty sure she had everything covered this time. A Tupperware container filled with fresh fruit and a little jar of salted peanuts for snacking. In a separate container a stack of cream cheese sandwiches. Simple but delicious. A good insulated beverage bottle would keep her coffee hot all day. She had a blanket just in case she got a bit chilly. Friends and family were already informed she would be unavailable, so she could safely turn off her phone and laptop. No distractions.

She was really looking forward to the journey ahead. It would, without a doubt, be filled with adventure and surprises. She would see new sites, get to know new people. She might even start to consider some of them friends. That happened before.

Satisfied she was ready, she locked the front door.

She settled into her chair and took a deep breath. There was no other smell like it in the whole world. With a happy sigh, she opened the cover of her new book.

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