Remember how the show “Dexter” was so popular a while back? I fell in love with the series in season 3 or so, and binge watched the thing from the beginning to where I discovered it. When I was up to date and forced to wait for new episodes to come out, I decided to move to the books the series was based on. First book I found was “Dexter Is Delicious” which dealt not only with murder, but vampire and vore kink. I devoured that book (pun intended).

Then I got my hands on an other one, and this story started off not with a murder, but a victim who was alive. All his limbs were cut off. His ears and lips were cut off. His tongue was cut out. And his eyelids were very carefully removed, as not to damage the eye. The person was then left on a table, with a mirror suspended over him, so he was forced to look at himself. And this was all he was able to do, just look at himself.

I stopped reading there, and have not picked up any of the books since. It was just a little too disturbing. Not for the thing the author had imagined, but for me imagining some people I knew I’d love to leave just like that. Forced to look at themselves to the end of their days.

Death would be merciful.

Would I be able to do that? No.

I’m still not entirely sure if I’m saying “no” because I would not be able to be that cruel, or simply because I lack the skill needed for my victim to remain alive.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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