Since you posted in response to my comment, I am going to reply but I really hope other people do too. It’s an interesting question.

I see both sexism and racism as a cultural problem. As such I really do not think women are less sexist than men and black people are no less racist than white people. But I think women are more aware of sexism than men and black people are more aware of racism than white people. By being more aware, it’s easier to counter the taught tendency towards sexism and racism.

The distinction is subtle but I’ve seen it. I have been called intimidating, my black friends have been called intimidating. But while my intimidation gets explained with “I have to watch what I say” “you are so passionate” “you really make me think” (and yes, I ask. Why not. It’s an judgement that can use some explanation) I have never once been called angry or aggressive. I read this as a thinking white woman I am intimidating to the ego.

My black friends, who would use pretty much the same tone, are much more likely to be called intimidating along with angry and aggressive. To be honest they are much more likely to be called bitch or cunt as well.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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