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Story Showcase

A collection of my personal favorites

I’ve written a lot during my time on Medium and tried out a lot of differnt genres. These are the stories I would like to represent my writings here.

Tragedy Struck: Fantasy

Life and death locked in the oldest argument in time.

Velocity: Stream of consciousness

A strange journey with an unknown destination.

Mrs Pearson: Drama

A small act of revenge has some unforeseen consequences.

The Unsolicited Solicitor’s Free Advice: Science Fiction

A Young cargo pilot decides to ignore free advice given to him.

In the Capital Wasteland: Fan Fiction

A story based on the Fall Out computer games.

Join Us: Horror

A husband worries about his wife’s mental health after the death of their child.

Bloodbath At Lone Digger: Crime

A detective investigates a fight at a strip club that has gone horribly wrong.
Based on the anthropomorphic music video “Lone Digger” by Caravan Palace.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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