Seems to be a day for airing some personal stuff. And maybe I shouldn’t be writing right now, but some of my personal stuff got a little agitated. And it needs a little airing. Otherwise my stuff gets stuffy.

Self deprecating writers make me uncomfortable.

Self deprecating writers I LIKE, make me uncomfortable.

Whenever someone I think is a good artist, bashes their own work I get uncomfortable. To be honest, I get defensive. Doesn’t matter if this artist is a painter, or a sculptor, or a writer (I’ve met plenty in all art branches).

Because what they are saying is “My work is shit”. What I hear however is “This thing you really like, is shit. You have shitty taste.”

Well, shit.

Here’s a person I look up to, who I think has a great aesthetic in whatever it is they are doing, insulting my tastes and I can’t argue against it. Because I think this person knows what they are talking about, because I think they are good at what they do, and because the credit I give them in their chosen field they are probably right in their assessment that what I think of as good, is shitty.

However, If I am going to agree with them what they say is shitty is indeed shitty, then they are in fact not good in their field. So they are, actually, full of shit. I don’t need to put any stock in their opinion. What they say is shitty, isn’t shitty at all. It’s actually pretty good.

But wait, if it’s good, well then they are pretty good in their field. I should probably pay some attention to their opinion…

Now I’m uncomfortable, defensive, and I have a headache.

I hate it when artists I like do that.

Why not say something like “room for improvement”? That’s awesome. Stating there is room for improvement is a promise. Now I hear “Hey, stick around, you ain’t seen nothing yet!” Now I am excited. Now I want to keep an eye out for your next thing, instead of worrying about my taste levels.

As H. Nemesis Nyx just said: Hey, this is my stuff. No one should feel obligated to do anything with/about my stuff. It feels great having my stuff less stuffy.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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