An erotic short story

Aura Wilming
5 min readFeb 8, 2017


This story is dedicated to Hex, and first appeared in his inbox may 2013. While written for him, he has graciously agreed with me releasing it publicly. I might do some rewrites over the weekend just because I can see where it can be improved upon.

She wondered how she managed it without waking him up. Maybe he was playing along, but she didn’t think so. She smiled to herself as she left the room to get a cup of ice. When you wake up there’s always a fraction of a second of disorientation. Waking up and finding you can’t move your arms and legs, would there be a moment of panic? Probably, but she didn’t expect it would last very long.

Just as she was about to walk back into the room she heard him call her name. Questioning, amused, exited and accusing all rolled up in just one word. Her smile turned into a grin.

She opened the door. “Good morning”

“Yeah?” He tried to give her an angry look but it was plain to see he was playing at it. Well, it wasn’t her fault he preferred to sleep naked.

She snickered “Oh, yeah”

No other questions. No ‘what’s that’ or ‘what are you doing’. He knew she wasn’t about to give any spoilers and he’d find out soon enough in any case.

She sat next to him on the bed just looking at him for a while, letting her nails trace lightly over his upper body. He was already breathing faster than normal.

She fished an ice cube out the cup. Starting at the base of his neck she let it slide sideways along his collarbone. He gave a short yelp as the ice made contact with his warm skin. She bend forward and followed the wet trail with her tongue. Taking her time, she worked her way across and slowly down. By the time she got to his belly button the ice cube had melted away.

She took a second cube, this time starting at his ankle and slowly moving up the inside of his leg. As she got higher she noticed his muscles tensing up and he was pulling at his restraints.

She stopped for a moment when she got to the top of his leg and breathed hot air over his erect cock. She raised her head to smile at him. Changing the half melted ice cube for a fresh one, she let him see how she put the ice in her mouth and with a little smile bend forward again. Closing her lips around his head she alternately pushed the ice cube and her tongue against it. His moans were very satisfying.

When the ice had melted away she sat high on his belly and kissed him. He kissed back hungrily. As she kissed his neck he moaned “I want you, release me.”

She ginned. “Mmmm…no,” she said, teasing.

She sat higher so her pussy just above his face. He strained to move upwards but she moved back, keeping the distance so she was just out of reach. After a while he let himself fall back on the bed with a sigh.

“Aww, do you want a little taste?”


She made him watch how she rubbed two fingers over her pussy then let them slip inside with a small moan. Then she rubbed her fingers over her mouth and let him kiss the juice away.

“Please” he moaned as she pulled her head up

“Begging already? I’m not done yet”

She turned around, licking his shaft while she was still just out of his reach.

“I want you, now”

She smiled and turned back to face him, sitting on her knees just above his hard throbbing cock. “What do you want? This?”

She moved a little down so his tip rubbed up against her, feeling exactly how wet she was for him.

“Yes” he moaned and thrust his hips upwards. She veered up too, denying him the chance to enter. Instead she started to please herself, moaning with excitement and he was forced to watch, stiff at the mouth of her pussy but unable to enter. She could feel him pull on the scarves she used to tie him down. She ignored it. Suddenly she saw he had managed to free one hand.

“Hey, now…”

But he had already freed the other too and was sitting up to free his feet as well. The look in his eyes send a shiver down her spine. ‘Oh yeah, I’m fucked now,’ flashed trough her mind.

As soon as he was free he grabbed her and threw her down on the bed, on her stomach. She tried to get up but he was on top of her, pushing her down. She felt his knees force her legs open. She didn’t resist it.

He grabbed her hips, fingertips digging into her flesh and he pulled her upwards on her knees and towards him.

“You little bitch,” he growled, “teasing me like that” and slapped her ass. “I’ll show you”

He aligned himself with her, keeping a firm grip with his other hand. She gasped as he pushed himself all the way in with one hard thrust.

They both moaned loudly when he was finally inside as deep as he could. He returned his hand to her hip and grabbed hold, pushing deep and hard.

His pace was frantic, every time he collided with her buttocks a satisfying slap sounded and she moaned in pleasure. The moans became louder as her orgasm started to build until they became screams. Her whole body shocked under the force of it. Her muscles gave out and she wanted to collapse on the bad but he ignored it, keeping his grip on her hips as he worked to his own release.

“Oh god, yes” she sighed. He was moaning louder too, thrusting even faster. She could feel him swelling up inside her and suddenly she was on the verge of coming again. She regained some strength in her legs and pushed back against him. This time they climaxed together and both collapsed with some satisfied grunts.

They were lying next to each other in silence enjoying a smoke. Aftershocks were still running through her body.

“I hope I didn’t hurt you” he suddenly said.

She smiled and stubbed out her cigarette “You did. And I loved it” she replied and put her head on his shoulder. He kissed her very gently “I love you”

“I love you, too”

They lay like that for some time until she realized he had drifted back to sleep. She suppressed a giggle. He had worked very hard.

She got up quietly to make breakfast. Eggs, bacon, something with lots of protein. She would wake him again when it was done. And who knew, they might even eat it before it got cold. But she doubted it.



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