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Thank You, All Of You

2016 is going in the books as positive, and that’s because of Medium and the people on it.

Last year around this time, I decided I was going to take writing seriously. And I had a sort of plan that I was going to give myself three years to ‘get somewhere’. I think I read once that a blog, regardless of the topic, was going to take 3 years before it became ‘successful’.

All of that was kind of vague, probably because ‘success’ means different things to different people. And what I was planning to do wasn’t exactly a blog. I wanted to do a little blogging, some fiction, some non fiction. In short, I wanted to write but I wasn’t clear on what I wanted to write. I did make a definition for myself what success would look like; one thousand readers.

What a difference a year makes. Not only did I try out a bunch of different things with my writing, I became an editor of a publication that took off beyond all expectations. I wrote a first draft of a novel (In a month! Thank you NaNoWriMo.) Some of my stories made editor’s pick. And this goal I set of one thousand in three years? I reached it just a bit before year’s end. This time last year I was proud to have triple digits on my profile, Medium is now officially displaying my follower count with a K *blushing*.

I suppose I will have to set a new goal. I started this journey with the feeling I wanted to write. I am thrilled and humbled at how many people are cheering me on during this journey. One year in, I feel I am a writer. I’m just not sure what kind of writer, exactly. I feel like I still need those 2 years of figuring out what I am doing.

Medium helps a little with all this feedback on stories. And if I look at my story feedback, ignoring stories from my personal life, these are my personal best:

Mmhmm. Looks to me you all prefer me being sexy. Or maybe that’s just because I have the most experience writing erotica. I’ve been writing sexy stories long before the past year. If you do prefer the erotic stories, don’t worry I have no intentions of stopping with those.

But if you were following me for something else, let me know. I’m open to doing more of anything and without guidance I’ll just keep throwing things at you until something sticks.

I also need to apologize to anyone who had been following my seasonal serial “Night of Merry Massacre”, due to an unexpected busy time at work, starting the story too late in the year, and a nasty flue that has me exhausted and asleep before 9pm, I won’t be able to finish the story this year. I feel sad about it. It was a lot of fun to write. But I would rather stop and continue it next year, than rush it out.

This year did not have much going for it, in a lot of ways it has been a lost year. But overall, thanks to you, it’s been a good year. To everyone here on Medium, thank you. Thank you for making 2016 worth it. Merry Christmas. And a very happy New Year.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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