Thanks for responding.

You mention a good point here, “his friends are doing it” “the girl everyone picked on”... Humans have always found strength in numbers. That dynamic might not be the best thing ever, but being the social animals we are, I’m afraid it’s one we are stuck with. Search on YouTube for ‘conformity’ you’ll be embarrassed enough just to call yourself homosapian, never mind the extra complication of gender.

Being called out in public (or just your parents being told, we are talking about kids in your example after all) would not have undone the hurt and would probably not have been better for you as a person. Sounds like you learned your lesson all by yourself. For some that’s all it takes. For others however… Maybe it would have been better for the group dynamic if someone had called you out. All it takes is for one person to stand up and go against the group for others to follow and form a new group.

There’s a great TED talk called ‘The Psychology of Evil’ By Philip Zimbardo, author of ‘The Lucifer Effect’ to get you thinking about group dynamics. I do have to warn anyone who wants to follow that link. It has some very disturbing images.

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