Unless you’re talking about fallen angels, that is — I’ve almost certainly got things in common with them.

That particular description is the fallen angel. Lucifer.

Okay, i am not going to reply to everything you’ve raised, because I’m starting to lose track of the different topics. Just two points.

The air travel thing, I was confirming your question that here on Aruba, traveling by air is more normal than it would be in other parts of the world. Yes, wealth is relative, normal is relative too. We have lots of people from Jamaica, Suriname, Dominican Republic, and other nearby nations, flying back and forth to family. Not as often as they might like, but more often than they would otherwise have need for. Those people are not wealthy by Aruban standard or European standard, nor are they Caucasian. They are here, because here they can make more money and send this money home. I wasn’t pleading that they, or I, need air travel. But the norm here is what it is.

The charity thing.

Yes, you can afford to intellectualise about charity — the poor just have to make do with a supportive family and/or community that doesn’t stop to think about it and just does what’s necessary for its survival.

See, I read this and think “Right” and then you say you don’t agree with me. But there’s charity for you and yours; survival. And then there’s charity for “the world”. But the way I see it, “the world” is intellectualized charity. You can’t ask people to worry about that until they feel their needs are met. Until they can afford it. As long as they can’t afford it, they are occupied with survival.

I keep saying “until they feel” because humans do emote so much. I found it’s much easier to go through life just assuming that humans are emotional beings, driven by emotions. Rational thought is almost the same as after thought, only utilized by a select few.

I’m not a psychologist, all I know is things I pick up, things I learned way back when in school (it doesn’t surprise me that all of that is debunks by now. Or maybe just fallen out of fashion?) and what I see. One of the things I picked up is someone saying “People will forget what you said pretty quickly, but they will remember how you made them feel”. This statement is pretty much correct just by observation of life.

Yeah, we put a man on the moon. That’s the select few working together. All of us working together…results in the world we have today. You want to move this emotional bunch in a direction that’s actually beneficial to everyone? You’ll have to create a situation where most people feel like their needs are being met and they feel like they can afford to think about the bigger picture.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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