where other people live in a world of occasional music against a background of noise and disturbance … I live in a world of constant music

That sounds amazing. I can’t really relate, because my overall awareness of the world is fairly low. I need to force myself to notice sounds, because I have usually some sort of story playing in my head. It’s not always an exciting story, it’s not always cohesive, but it’s a story none the less.

I know you won’t like it, but do try giving this one a chance …

I did. And now I want to play on a big old arcade game so badly. Give me something like this and something like space invaders, or a racing game or oooh pinball. Where have the pinballs machines gone? :(

There used to be a night club on Aruba, free entrance after 4 pm, with a huge arcade next to the dance floor. We’d go in, play two hours till they closed, then go to the beach across the street and watch the sun come up. The club is gone now, burned down.

Anyway with this sort of fast beat my timing was near perfect. :)

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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