No, it isn’t — now you’re just engaging in academic Gender/Women’s Studies nonsense.

That’s weirdly flattering considering the Dutch system I was enrolled in didn’t have Gender/Women’s studies courses :)

one thing they all agree on is that men are animals and women vastly superior.

Sexist nonsense that’s just another symptom of the problem we’re discussing.
Just for the record, that I’m spending my time on the job slacking off and chatting with you is a separate issue, I’m pretty much working class (or middle class).

About that thing you linked me? Moving right down to the conclusion:

What other options does he have than to be alone, when neither the adults nor the kids give him the support and emotional confidence he needs?

He wasn’t alone at all, what the hell? Playing on the seesaw with his crush and having a deep meaningful conversation gets turned into “kids not giving him support and emotional confidence”.

Calvin is facing these struggles unprepared and on his own. His dad should be with him, encouraging him and teaching him.

Right, dad should have put more effort into teaching poor Calvin to do something he didn’t want to be doing, during recess, because all the boys were doing it.

they were never off it — they were just being walked in a different way for different reasons

I grant you, it’s a nice illustration of your point, specially when the author makes a few really good points and then reaches a conclusion I would never even make.

And I did pick my words to acknowledge what I was saying was a matter of perspective. I know life isn’t fair to anyone.

You know the experiments with kids where one gets to divide ten objects and the other gets to accept or refuse the offer. Almost everyone accepts 4. A lot of people will accept 3. Almost everyone will refuse 2.

In growing up it did feel like we as girls got offered a lot more 3 deals and boys a lot more 4 deals.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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