The backbone of a disturbing story

Until I sat down to write this story, I had no idea how much story there was to this idea. I could honestly go novel length. I still might. But I had to get it out, because the idea was disturbing my mind.

So I wrote the 3 critical parts of the story, about ten minute read each. The backbone of it, to be filled out later.

I want to thank Elliot Nichols for reading over the first part and offering to chat about it. I really appreciate it. Only I deleted the draft of the email I was writing because that was starting to take on novel proportions as well. I realized any part by itself wasn’t going to make much sense. I had to wait until people could read all 3. I also realized that I want everyone’s opinions. Which means I could either link everyone I know to the drafts and struggle with inexplicably bad working private messages (I asked Medium help center. They don’t know why I only have functionality half the time) or just put it out here and invite comments.

That’s why I decided to publish it like this. The 3 chapters are on private listing and linked below, so no one will stumble over just one part of it. And it gives me the chance to say something first.

This story is pretty much a fictional revenge fantasy. I do identify as feminist, but I think debating feminism online is the single most useless activity I could waste my time on. These people you end up talking to, don’t want a honest debate. I have a lot of admiration for the women who have the stomach to venture into that cesspool, it just isn’t me. So if you feel offended about the feminist and/or sexist elements (yes, it has both) of this story, please save yourself the effort of ranting in the comments; I am not even going to respond to that. I’m not trying to advocate anything. I am trying to tell a story.

Second, there’s a lot of sexual violence and abuse in this story. Know yourself. If that’s going to be disturbing to a point where it gets to be problematic, it’s not worth reading.

Last thing I want to point out, in my mind each of these parts has about a year time lapse in which a lot has/can/will happen -even if part one and part two could be read as taking place on the same day.

Special thanks to Geoff who always gets to hear about my brain farts as they happen. He claims not to want any credit. I’m giving it anyway.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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