You wouldn’t? What would you associate with it then?

The first word? Pleasure I suppose. Entertainment can be anything you do to pass some time. While all pleasure is entertainment, not all entertainment is pleasure.

Intriguingly, however, does this mean you’re anticipating my poking you again some time?

Yes. I don’t think you can help yourself. I wasn’t planning to stop putting things on Medium and if you’re still around, it’s kinda inevitable.

a bit of strange on the side

Oh. Oh dear. I thought we had a better understanding. You are the strange on the side. My main strange is on a different site.

Honestly, I wrote it because it could have been the last bit I could have gotten in, but I saw Medium only gave you a slap on the wrist. That’s the problem with poking distasteful people. They will tell on you. They will get others to tell on you, too.

Hey, talking of strange, I just discovered this. I think you’d appreciate the style.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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