The idea was ‘to pounce upon’. I don’t blame you for laughing, I was aware it’s a bit of a niche idea when I published it. A lot of mating behavior, human or otherwise, seems absurd if you can observe it from am asexual perspective (perhaps when recently satisfied?). Of course, absurd is the best case scenario. The rest would be downright gross. Did you know they research this? They found that being aroused means you have a much higher tolerance to things you’d normally find gross. These finding confirmed to me something I’ve long suspected; a good number of sex researchers are sick, sadistic people.

Have you tried peanut butter and hot sauce on cucumbers? It’s a great if somewhat messy snack. All ideas can be improved upon, I’m sure that’s how we ended up with the iPone. I will admit to being nostalgic for the walkman sometimes though. The making of crappy mix tapes has become a lost art.

My vote for the most metaphysical threesome who be any 3 regenerations of the doctor, but now I’m not sure if that should technically fall under masturbation. If limited to random, real people, I’m thinking a poet, a yoga instructor and a philosophy student who are doing ecstasy at a indi-rock festival. Although I have to mention here that mathematically, threesomes seem inferior to foursomes. Odd numbers seem to do not as well as even numbers with sex. Unless the odd one out is using the recording function on their iPhone.

As far as I can understand these things, they are trying this matching people on their valuations large scale already, in places like and OKcupid and other sites like that. But, like you mentioned, it doesn’t seem to do that much. When messing with the numbers (remembered what I said about researchers? Sick, sadistic bunch) there seemed to be very little difference between people who matched 90% or people who matched 30% — as long as the 30% group had the impression they matched 90%.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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