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The kiss

Time does strange things when you’re enjoying yourself and somehow it was almost 4 ‘o clock when Anna reluctantly let Sean know she had to go home. As much as she hated to end the day, she still had some things to do before Monday came around again.

They slowly walked back to Anna’s apartment building, silent for the first time today. There was some sort of tension building, but it wasn’t the unpleasant kind. When they got near Sean asked “Are you going to invite me in to see the bedroom?”

“Absolutely not” she blurted out.

“The spare bedroom you offered I mean.” Sean tried to joke but couldn’t quite hide the hurt in his voice. “You don’t trust me…”

“Oh no, it’s not that,” Anna mind was racing for a way to salvage the situation and settled on a half truth “I just need time to put away the dildos and bondage gear. I wouldn’t want to scare you off.”

Sean stopped walking for a moment to look at her. Anna was relived to see there was no shock or disgust in his expression, only amused curiosity. Her heart started beating a little faster. “I kid,” she smiled at him, “I’ve not had the chance to use the bondage gear for over a year…”

“Ah, so just the dildos then” Sean responded.

“Right. In all seriousness, it’s a mess and I’d rather you didn’t see that”

They had reached Anna’s building. She turned to face him. Suddenly her stomach was full of butterflies. “I…I had a great time…” She hated that she was stumbling over her words. Later, in the shower or something, she would think of the perfect thing to say, something charming and witty, she always did. Never in the moment though.

And there was that grin she had come to love. That grin that said he was in on the joke. That grin he got right before he said or did something polite society would frown upon. Damn, he was handsome. Sean took one step and was standing toe to toe with her, his hands on her hips. “I’m going to kiss you.” he informed her. It wasn’t a question, but he did give her a second or two to respond. All she could manage was a wide smile.

The moment their lips touched it felt like a low current running through her skin. A sudden rush of adrenaline left her shaking. She could feel Sean trembling as well. Her legs felt like they would buckle under her at any moment and in response her hands grabbed on to his shoulders to steady herself. After a few seconds they pulled back, breathing heavy. Anna let out a small moan and looked into Sean’s eyes. They looked as hungry as she felt.

Then he kissed her again, more urgently this time. One of his hands wrapped itself in her hair at the back of her skull, the other slid around the small of her back, pulling her close. She could feel the bulge of his erection press against her. She wrapped one leg around his waist, pressing her upper body against his. She could feel his hand going lower, under her ass. She was lifted up so she could wrap her other leg around him as well. With their tongues still gliding over each other Sean took two steps and then Anna was pushed up against her front door. She clawed at his back, forgetting they were still outside, wishing their clothes gone. Sean hands followed the curvature of her hips to her outer thighs.

Suddenly there was a knock on the inside of the door. Someone else was trying to get out of the building. The two abruptly stopped making out and almost jumped away from the door.

“I am so sorry…” Anna began with a red face.

Her elderly neighbor had a sense of humor about it. “Not at all dear,” he said with a chuckle, “I was once young, you know. But you might want to move it inside before someone catches a cold.” Embarrassed and giggling they watched the old man stroll down the walk way.

“Sean,” Anna started to invite him upstairs, despite the clutter but he interrupted her.

“No, I will go. You still have things to do. But I must see you again.” He gave her an other quick kiss. “I will call you.”

“You better,” Anna sighed. And then added with a grin “I know where you live.”

She watched him walk to the car. When he got inside, she turned, opened the door to her building and walked to her apartment. Inside she went straight for the window and watched and listened to Sean trying to get Leah’s car started for an other ten minutes with a smile. She didn’t think he was aware she was watching. He was cussing up a storm like any sane person would when faced with Leah’s monstrosity. After the engine finally took and she watched him drive off, she kicked off her jeans and let herself fall on the bed. “Wow” she sighed. It was so easy to recall his grin. That naughty grin that did such delicious things to her stomach. Her right hand slipped between her legs, finding wetness there. The slightest touch to her engorged clitoris send shivers of pleasure through her body. Chores could wait a while longer.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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