The Magic of the Night

Erotic short story

Aura Wilming
11 min readNov 3, 2022

The sunset was spectacular. The Sun was a shimmery orange ball slowly sinking into the sea that filled the sky with fiery reds and painted the hand full of fluffy clouds pink. The waves that licked at her toes carried the reflection of the colors on their crests. It should have taken her breath away with its beauty. But all Casandra felt was frustration with her inability to enjoy it.

It didn’t matter how determined she had been to enjoy this trip when she got on the plane. It didn’t matter how hard she tried to be in the moment and experience nature’s splendor. The fact remained that this was supposed to be the first fantastic evening of the rest of her life, and now, it was not. She watched her toes wiggle in the sand. Maybe coming here had been a mistake after all.

“Now what is wrong with this picture?” she heard someone say.

A man with darken skin and sun bleached hair plopped down next to her in the sand. Casandra gave him a glance before returning to staring in front of her. Maybe if she just ignored him, he would go away and leave her to wallow in her misery.

The man wasn’t that quickly discouraged. “What is such a pretty lady doing on such a pretty night, sitting all by herself, looking so sad?”

“Trying to avoid conversation,” she muttered, digging her toes deeper into the sand.

“Oh no. Did you get into a fight?”

Casandra looked to the man next to her. She wondered why he hadn’t gotten the hint that she wanted to be left alone. He was still here, asking questions. For a moment she wondered if he was just that dense. Studying his face there seemed to be genuine care and interest in his expression. Perhaps he was just that personable. It didn’t feel right to be rude to him.

“Yeah, something like that,” she admitted.

She expected him to say “don’t feel bad” or some similar empty attempt to cheer her up. Instead he patiently waited for her to continue. She sighed in resignation.

“This was supposed to be my honeymoon.” Casandra explained. “But I never got married.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Did you fiancé pass away?”

Casandra blinked in confusion. How did this guy’s mind go to death first? “No, he just left me at the altar.”

“Then he’s a fool.”

The man spoke with such finality and conviction she had to smile.

“But, you know what they say about the best way to get over a man,” he continued.

She turned her head towards him. “Getting under another one?” she guessed.

“Well, I would have said getting into a brief and passionate romance with someone who will remind you what a desirable woman you are, but yes, that’s the short version.”

Casandra’s smile turned into a laugh. “Does that line ever work?”

“It worked to see your smile and hear your laugh,” the man replied. His eyes twinkled with mischief. “That’s all I was really after. I’m Armando.”

“Casandra,” she replied and held out her hand for him to shake.

“It’s a pleasure. Are you doing anything tonight, Casandra?”

“I was planning on getting drunk and sulk in my room.” She tried to play it off as a joke but it was just a little too real.

“That’s no good,” Armando said. “The sulking part. Getting drunk sounds reasonable.”

The sun had set completely and it was quickly getting dark.

“I could get us a bottle of wine, and show you something amazing,” he offered.

She raised her eyebrow but didn’t reply.

“Just here on the beach,” Armando clarified. “I promise you’ll be perfectly safe. It’s your first night here, right?”

“Yes,” she confirmed.

“Then let me be the first to show you the beauty of the sea at night. Please?”

It took only a few seconds of contemplation for Casandra to give in. “All right,” she agreed “Let me grab something to wear though, it’s getting a little chilly.”

“Fantastic. Do you prefer red or white?”

“Um, white, please.”

“White it is. I will see you in a couple of minutes.”

In her room Casandra changed into a summer dress. She grabbed a wide scarf to go with it. She had no idea how cold the night would get here, at least this way she could have her arms and shoulders covered if she needed.

As she got ready, she wondered what she was doing. She told herself that she was a free woman now and if she felt like accepting an invitation to hang out with a man she met, she had every right to. Armando seemed friendly enough. There was no reason why she shouldn’t go out and share a bottle of wine. Or maybe a glass. Yeah, just a glass. He could have the rest.

When she got down to the pool area of the hotel, Armando was already waiting for her, with a bottle of white wine as promised. He didn’t have any glasses though, but she supposed that was acceptable for sitting on the beach. He smiled widely when he saw her. “You look breathtaking.”

“Thank you,” she replied shyly.

Armando took her hand and lead her down to the water. She noticed they were heading away from the white sands of the beach towards the more rocky part of the shore. They headed away from the buildings of the hotel. It was much darker here, with only the moon to light their way.

Casandra loved stargazing. There was something about looking into the vastness of space that made you feel small and insignificant. And by extension, all your problems felt small and insignificant as well. The night was bright and clear, and with little light pollution she was able to see so many more stars than she ever was able to in the city.

She was happy Armando was holding her hand. She trusted him to guide her past any obstacles as she looked up while they we walking. How was it possible that someone she just met had a better idea of what she needed than her partner of five years did?

“Watch you step here,” Armando said as he walked onto a pier. “I just hope it’s still here.”

“What’s still here?” she asked.

“The plankton bloom. Look.”

“Wow” Casandra whispered.

Armando sat down on the end of the pier with his legs dangling off the edge. He gently pulled the entranced Casandra next to him. She was staring down into the water, the splendor of the stars above forgotten. Around the wood poles of the pier, around every rock poking up out of the water and the crest of every gentle wave was alight with a magical blue glow. Every movement of the water created new clouds of light that swirled and twisted like ribbons.

He opened the bottle of wine and took a swig before offering the bottle to Cassandra. She drank without taking her eyes off the glowing water.

“How is this even real?” she said in wonder when she handed the bottle back.

“Bioluminescence,” Armando explained. “When a something disturbs the water, the plankton glow.”

“It’s beautiful,” Casandra whispered. She took the bottle when Armando offered. She was drinking a little more than she had planned to, but she didn’t care anymore. Armando had promised to show her something amazing and he had delivered.

“It is safe?” she asked.

“What, the water? It’s just tiny little organisms that light up”

“It won’t, like, shock you or anything?”

“No, it won’t shock you, it’s a chemical reaction, like fireflies.”

“So I could swim in there right now,” Casandra said.

“You certainly could. Do you still have your bikini on under your dress?”

“No,” she replied, sounding disappointed. She really wanted to jump in and swim in the magic.

Armando looked around. “There’s no one here but us,” he observed. “If you really want to go in, just do it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Sure I’m sure. Skinny dipping is a well-established tradition around these parts. Even if it’s technically not allowed.”

Casandra grinned at him. “Are you coming with me?”

“Yeah? You want to?”

“Only if you do it too.”

“All right, let’s do it.” Armando decided. He pulled his polo over his head, and kicked off his trousers. Within a few seconds he was naked and jumped into the water. The waves he caused created rings of light around him. She could see his shape just under the surface, a glowing aura completely enveloped him. When he came up for air, his head and shoulders looked wet, but just normal. She had someone expected the light to cling to his skin, but it didn’t.

“Well? Come on in. The water is fine!” he called to Casandra. He turned his back to her. “I won’t even look!”

Cassandra giggled and slipped out of her dress. She took off her panties and bra and carefully laid them on top of her dress. Then she jumped after Armando.

Surprisingly, the water didn’t feel slimy or thick or like there was anything in it at all. It just felt like any swim in the ocean, just a little colder because the sun was gone. But every movement caused a burst of light that trailed her. She swung her arm in a wide arc, looking at the little glowing clouds it left in it’s wake. When she raised her arm up, it came out wet, but clean, with nothing to suggest it had been in a plankton bloom.

“It’s so pretty!” she called out to Armando.

“It really is,” he agreed. But he wasn’t looking at the water at all, Casandra realized. He was looking at her. She blushed a little.

“It’s colder than I thought it would be. I don’t think I’ll stay in long,” she said.

“I, eh,” Armando cleared his throat. “I can’t get out out the water right now.”

“Why not,” She asked and swam closer to him, “what’s wrong?”

He splashed some water towards her, not to hit her, but to keep her at bay. He turned away from her, but not before she caught the illuminated outline of his erect penis.

“Ah…” Casandra smirked. So that was ‘wrong’. In that moment she came to a decision. “Well, if we’re going to be in the water for a while, you will have to hold me,” she said while slowly moving closer to Armando. “For warmth,” she added playfully.

He grinned at her, with the same mischievous twinkle in his eyes that she had seen on the beach earlier. “Oh really?” he asked.

“Yes,” she was within arms reach now. She ran her hands over his shoulders and down his chest.

“I don’t think you need any more warmth, you are so damned hot,” Armando responded. He gently stroked his hands over her hips.

“You’re wrong. I need a lot of skin to skin contact.”

He moved his hands lower and behind her, cupping her buttocks and pulling her close to him. “Like this?”

Casandra wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. “Just like this,” she whispered.

Armando’s hand glided over her back up towards the back of her head. His lips brushed hers lightly, tentatively exploring, waiting for any possible objections. When there were none coming, and she eagerly kissed him back, they pressed up to her mouth with more confidence. He ran the tip of his tongue between her lips, coaxing them open.

His hands were exploring her body, running over her curves, caressing her beasts. He softly pinched her hard nipple between his thumb and finger. Casandra responded by letting her hands explore his body as well, using the tips of her fingernails to trace down his back. She could feel the sort of muscles that came from manual labor instead of hours spend in the gym. They were, in her opinion, the best sort of muscles. She moved her hips back and forth, feeling his erection rub up between her legs.

Armando pulled away from their mouth and kissed her neck before whispering in her ear: “If you keep riding my cock like that it’s going to slip in.”

She bit his shoulder lightly before answering: “Maybe I want that.”

Casandra rolled her hips, sliding her vagina along the length of Armando’s hard cock, feeling its slight contours rubbing across her clit until its tip was poised between her lips. She slowly pushed down, feeling his cock force its way inside her inch by inch. When he was half way inside her, Armando grabbed her waist and shoved it hard the rest of the way. Casandra gasped. Before she could exhale they were kissing again. She continued rocking her hips, grinding her clitoris against his pelvis bone.

Armando sucked air in between his teeth. His exhale turned into a low grunt. He started thrusting with her. Every time their groins pushed against each other, a wave of soft blue light cast a glow over their body.

Being in the water was beautiful, but it made their movements a little sluggish. The both felt they wanted more — harder, faster, something more solid to push off against.

He slowly waded trough the water towards the pier, Casandra still wrapped around him. They left broad strokes of light behind them in their wake. At the pier he lifted her up out of the water and onto the rough wood. Then he jumped up and pushed himself up on the pier.

Casandra had scooted away from the edge. She sat and watched how he effortlessly got himself out of the sea, those delicious muscles of his arms and shoulders working under his skin, the moonlight reflecting off his wet flesh.

He crawled the short distance on his hands and knees until he was hovering over her. A few drops of seawater dripped down from his hair. He looked at her with a smile. “You are so incredibly beautiful.”

She reached up with her arm, inviting him back on top of her. She wanted him inside her again so badly. He happily obliged.

Armando planted his hands on either side of her head. She wrapped her leg around his waist again. She could feel him slip back inside her without effort. Casandra let out a soft moan as he pushed all the way in.

He started thrusting slowly, quickly increasing the pace. She gave in to the rhythm, moving with him. She could feel her climax starting to build.

Casandra arched her back in pleasure. Armando slipped an arm under her, pressing up on her lower back, creating even more friction between them. She clawed at his back, begging him to go faster.

Armando was edging closer to his climax as well. She could feel him swelling up inside her. She pushed up with her torso so she pressed up against his chest. He was now supporting both of them on one arm. She squeezed her knees tight around him and threw her head back as her orgasm washed through her in waves. Two trusts later Armando pushed in deep and kept it there, as little shocks ran through his body.

He carefully lowered Casandra to the ground before rolling over on his back next to her. He just stayed there for a while breathing hard, while Casandra lazily caressed his chest and thighs.

She noticed the still half full wine bottle within arm’s reach and grabbed it. After a few sips she offered the bottle to Armando. “Want some?”

“Yeah,” he pushed himself up on one elbow so he could drink.

“Thank you,” Casandra sighed, satisfied.

“Absolutely my pleasure,” he grinned. He handed the bottle back to her. And happen to glance up in the direction of the hotel. “Oh. We better put some clothes on.”

Casandra turned around to follow his gaze. In the distance she saw someone heading their way with a flashlight.

“Security guard? Are we going to get in trouble?”

“Probably not, but lets not be naked, shall we?” Armando gave her a quick kiss and got up to put his pants on.

As they were getting dressed Casandra wondered what his recovery time was like. There was one way to find out. “Do you want to head to my room for a shower?”



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