There's not much to criticize for me, actually, because that sounds like a perfectly reasonable coping mechanism. If not exactly healthy then at least not destructive--much like the person who keeps a boxing bag the beat the shit out of when frustrated.

I'm not great at shooters, but I've named worms for people I felt like giving a bazooka to the face. Even better if I could do something stupid like sending a grumpy old lady over to beat them to a pulp.

I do wonder how you would do, emotionally, with The Last Of Us 2. Not that it's such a fantastic game, but you are invited to go on a violent rampage to seek revenge on a character, but before you can reach the climax on that, the game forces you to play through a 10 hour journey with this character you've learned to despise. And then, after you begrudgingly get invested in this antagonist turned protagonist, it switches again so you get to extract your revenge on this character you just bonded with. A good deal of people absolutely HATE it.

Like I said, not sure if the game is particularly good but the choice in storytelling took some balls. I think we need a bit more of this sort of forced empathizing. Not "just" the other side of the story in DLC, where it's kinda easy to flip.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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