This is the first time I paid for any kind of site, so I can’t compare it to how others have done a better home page. And I am sure that the new homepage is not to everyone’s liking. So I am not going to say you’re wrong in any way. But I do have a question because you mention you need to unsubscribe; were you aware that clicking on the words “New from publications you follow” will navigate you away from the homepage to a page that’s only new stories from publications you follow? Also the older new stories and the newer new stories. The New stories on your homepage are sort of the featured new stories. It works like that for each header you find on the page. Yes, it’s an UX issue, I noticed right away that people might overlook this. Rather ironically because before my switch, stories on UX and UI were all over my feed. I follow “design”. My thoughts went to furniture, architecture and fashion when I selected that tag more than apps and programs, but that’s not what I got lol.

You’re right, we’re beta testing. To be honest when I read “We’re only inviting a small set of readers right now, and we’ll be adding exclusive content and features for members on a weekly basis — so this is just the beginning.” in the invite, I did translate that to “you’ll be a beta tester” so I knew that going in.

Strange on the failure to auto respond. I also send in some feedback — I want to pick favorites as well. And I got a auto respond from “Mateusz from Medium”

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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