Those deal breaker questions read a bit gender specific. Trying to have sex with a body without blood circulation would pose some problems for a straight woman. But then, sex without any sort of feedback seems unattractive. I might just as well do away with the dead weight and service myself. *shrug*

Your friend Erik would probably hate Deadgirl. That whole movie is about keeping a zombie as a sex slave. I’d warn about it being disturbing, but I’m getting the impression you’re not one to mind being a little disturbed.

While OKcupid might not ask you to put pennies on things, attraction and dating is all about perception of relative scarcity. I’m not even going into paid dating sites, which exist, but we as a species do think rare is beautiful. Look around, now that most of the people are heavy, we have thin as beauty ideal. Back in the day when most people were starving, heavy was beautiful. An other interesting thing to come out of dating sites, is that spread is more important than averages. There was some research done as to why some women with a rating of 7 (out of ten) were getting much more messages and first dates than other women with a rating of 7. Turns out, unpopular 7s were average. Almost everyone rated these women a 7 and while a 7 is good, there’s a lot of 7s out there and it made these women wholly unremarkable. While the popular 7s polarized people. Half of them rated the women a 4, while the other half rated them a 10. They all had something unique…a crooked nose, or something, that stood out and made them remarkable. Sure, a lot of people thought it was ugly. But a lot of people thought it was beautiful, too. These women had a much easier time dating, because they were a scarcity and therefore had more value.

Oh by the way, I have stopped trusting a willingness to pay as indicator of value ever since reading about the experiment, where people would pay $5 not to be shocked with electricity again, and then, when left alone with their thoughts and the button that administered the shocks, proceeded to shock themselves in an attempt to relieve boredom. This sacrifice of money is obviously not as much as a sacrifice as our capitalistic society would have you believe. From now on, I’ll be asking people how long they would be willing to stand in line— without any electronic devices — for whatever it is I want to measure the value of.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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