Thoughts on upcoming changes

This will be (yet another) story about how things work at Medium. And Medium has given me the power to get elizabeth tobey’s attention. Hello :) I bet you sometimes curse that feature. Can I just say I think it’s going really well so far. The collection feature could use a little work…But overall good changes.

I’ve seen some things about making sure people find the sort of writings they like. And I think it’s great that you are thinking about this. Too many communities put a platform in place and then leave the users to figure out how to find the people they would feel worth while. I’ve seen you talk of tribes. That actually sounds great.

Up until now Medium worked like the only sort of pyramid scheme that does what it claims to do. You find two persons, who each find two persons for you who then each find two more and so on and everyone ends up richer.

The problem is I can’t remember where I found my first two great persons. I think maybe they found me. What I do know is for someone starting out Meduim is pretty damn intimidating. It still can be at times, but I’ve found a lot of comfort in the six months or so I have been active here. And I’m starting to make friends.

What I also learned was that the people I gravitated towards were new-ish themselves. The tribe I joined/created is smallish but growing every day. I dare say the reason Medium seemed such a comfortable place to start interacting -aside from the great people on here- was because I didn’t stumble into a huge tribe where I felt like everyone knew everyone except for me.

If tribes do become a real Medium ‘thing’ I hope you are not expecting to solve the newcomers problem with a newcomers tribe. I’ve seen those sort of forums/chatrooms on different other sites. The general vibe of those places is this

Not a fantastic way to start your Medium experience and I’m afraid it would turn a lot of users away. That would be a shame.

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