Um, the word “liberal” itself is strange. We’ve got green left liberals, conservative liberals and right populist liberals. I can’t see “liberals the world over” uniting under one vision at all. Although I’m pretty sure we’ll get a coalition in the Netherlands at some point or other. I’ve never quite understood the two party system, but I will admit having 28 on the voting ballot is a bit exaggerated in the other direction.

That’s why political parties should just be active in the place they actually live, since they make heads nor tails of the system anywhere else. I think we can all agree on some points — that every person should be able to make a living and raise a family without fear of being imprisoned without good reason, or bodily harm by the government for instance — but for the rest, what we live is the only thing we know.

You can’t go out and liberate a people for them. All you do is create a power vacuum that some group, often an abusive group, will step in and fill. A people will have to stand up and liberate themselves. You did once upon a time from the English. We did once upon a time, from the Spanish. Then we all got together and did it again from the Germans. And so on.

Somewhere along the way, women stood up too, and got ourselves the right to vote, join the workforce, and make our own choices. Some people don’t like that. Is it really relevant why they say they don’t like it? So they chose one book over the other. They are living in a place where woman do speak up and are in disagreement with their dislike.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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