There’s no need to go making this a Feminist issue — it isn’t one.

Wait, what?
If you told me that exclusion of anticonception in the coverage of medical insurance obtained via an employer is a feminist issue, I would agree with you. After all, men can’t declare their condoms either.
But consent isn’t, or shouldn’t be, a feminist issue. That’s a social issue.

Are we still talking about the same thing though?

I said “ the outrage about Cambridge Analytica stems from [being told humans are emotional instead of rational]”

Um, yeah I looked it up, “outrage” does mean what I think it means:

Honestly, I don’t think outrage can come from anything familiar or expected. It needs to be rare or unexpected for the public to be outraged. I was told the outrage did not stem from being called emotional, but from a violation of consent.

Are you seriously going #NotAllMen on me, for taking a dig at the gravitas with which consent is treated? When one of the player’s very public “grab ’em by the pussy” wasn’t enough to cost him the election? For using “men” when it’s nearly impossible to name one woman caught up in this story?

Okay, I’ll edit the original to read “those men”.

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