We noticed this at The Weekly Knob. And we do keep a close eye on our stats because some of our writers are posting member only stories, we want them to be paid for their work, and we feel any problems with Knobbier’s payday is a problem of ours. So S Lynn was quick to write in to Medium with this. I must say that we’ve always gotten a timely response when we do that. It might not be a response with a solution, but we’ve never felt like they didn’t bother communicating. Here’s what we got in reply

Thanks for writing in. And sorry you are experiencing that.

We are currently experiencing a backup in our data pipeline that processes certain stats and counts. This affects various places in the product, including the stats page, post page response and claps, and notifications. Though the data is delayed, it is being recorded and should be rendered correctly once we fix the issue.

Please bear with us while we work to get caught up.

User Services

So basically the system has more bugs than Terry Pratchett’s Hex

We might never quite get back to “normal” but it’s going to go to “not as bad”.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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