You’re writing a novel?

Well, I mean, it’s a story over 50,000 words. There’s even a sub plot in it.

Although not the appalling grammar.

Oof. Yeah. I have no excuse for that one. There was an ‘at’ somewhere in there. It just wandered away from me. That will teach me to just write a quick note to explain why 9 stories suddenly disappeared from a navigation link in my “vanity publication”, without looking it over.

A number of years ago, after the SARS epidemic

The Dutch expression is “ver van mijn bed show”. The SARS epidemic just didn’t reach me, as such, while I knew about it, kept an eye on it and all that, just didn’t impact my perception of the world much. I didn’t even know how little it impacted me until recently. Like I said, naive and ignorant.

It’s not only just as past its sell-by-date

Isn’t anything-punk by definition unconcerned with things like trends and shelf-lives?

then consider dieselpunk instead

I have, actually. Problem is, that will require oil. I mean I can use handwavium as the fuel source for my society and make dieselpunk work in a way. But my relatively small, contained and isolated society lives underground and fears topside. They have mines. Mines leads me to coal. Coal leads to steam-engine levels of technology.

if you go anywhere near elfpunk, I shall be obliged to cross the oceans and snap your keyboard in two myself

Oh don’t worry. It will be dwarfpunk, not elfpunk. Good luck crossing that ocean in the next two months or so.

I did take a little bit of inspiration from a game; Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura. It was the first RPG I played, being more of a RTS/management kind of gamer. The concept is fascinating to me. In game, you have an aptitude meter. The more you lean towards technology the more magic will malfunction or have no effect. If you lean more towards magic, technology will malfunction or have no effect. As someone who has had the frustration of seeing IT-guys doing the exact same thing I just did, and somehow it works for them but not for me, I know I can write a dynamic like that.

But there’s not going to be orcs and trolls and fairies (or cybernetics). Just one group of people living underground who have technology and one group of people living above ground who have magic.

steampunk’s grave has been robbed so many times that digging up its corpse now just results in a nasty smell of foetid air

That’s alright then. Air quality is actually a big issue in my story. To the point that it is negatively affecting fertility of the underground colony. (I know. I’m stealing from lots of sources.)

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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