But I needn’t do so in writing … nor publicly — I could vent, in private, to friends and family.

Well, yes, you could. Very often, people feel they can’t. Because they are afraid that they are imposing themselves upon friends and family that way. Friends and family might feel obligated to keep listening, while they could just stop reading half way through a post. Or not read it at all. I’ve seen social media become the first vehicle for the release of frustrations. It’s public yes, but the public has a choice.

it is intended to affect people and, hopefully, effect improvement in some way … to help make the World a better place for my having been here.

:) Ah, there we are. Often if you dig just a little deeper into the cynic, you find an optimist struggling to reconcile their natural idealism with their observed reality. Good for you. Aim for the stars.

His point is that the people dealing with those things aren’t dealing with more significant Matters that are actually more pressing

We already established we can’t know that.

not dealing with the causes but the symptoms.

Symptoms are easy, causes are hard. There’s nothing wrong with dealing with the symptoms as long as it’s not the only thing you’re dealing with. I believe there’s plenty of cases where you need to deal with the symptoms first so you can heal up strong enough to deal with the cause properly. In the case of gender identity, yeah, people need to deal with some of these symptoms. As soon as odd ones out stop getting beat up, killed, forced into prostitution, kicked out of their homes in their teens and what else kind of symptoms coming at them from every side, they can start working towards changing our societal understanding of gender and identity.

Do you think that gender fluidity and my right, as a man, to want to have babies being recognised in statute and there being safe spaces for people like me will change the fact that we are fucking our planet to death

I think the two are completely unrelated. You already confessed to being one of the lucky ones. You can express yourself however you want and people let you be. You can afford to be concerned about the planet, because you are not afraid to walk on the streets.

The gay person, or the trans person, who is getting beat up in the street for holding his lover’s hand or for wearing that skirt they really loved, isn’t going to give a fuck about the girl in china who may or may not lose an arm tomorrow. They are focused on healing their bones today and getting home safely tomorrow.

Will it fix the fundamental problems inherent in our hedonistic disregard for anything but I, me, my, mine?

There’s not really a inherent problem. Humans on a whole will look to see that their own needs are met and once that’s done, then they can afford to give what they have left to others. That’s about any resource; shelter and time as well. Because giving when you yourself don’t have enough is not a viable strategy in the long term.

It’s why they keep telling you in airplanes to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others.

The problem is that people have no clue anymore about what their real needs are. They are trying to satisfy a need with the wrong things and will never be satisfied. Because they are never satisfied, they will never be in a place where they can afford not to focus on their own needs.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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