Who are you people?

And how did you find me?

I scrolled trough the people who decided to follow me, and read their descriptions. I was sort of hoping these were people who read some of my writing and thought it was interesting and then clicked ‘follow’. I know I should follow more people which is why I scrolled through my own followers. Seems like a great place to start, right?

But then I noticed something, if you hover your mouse over your followers you can see how many people they follow and how many are following them. Cool. Until I found the ‘K’ people. Not people following them -that’s just a popular person. But them following 37K, 55K, 60K, 86K people.

Really? There’s 86 thousand people on Medium whose opinion or writing you care enough about for you to follow them? Yeah, I didn’t think so either. So what, exactly, is that? what good does it do? Are they hoping to get a follow back out of a sense of obligation? Is this how one is supposed to go about ‘building a network’? What am I missing here?

It’s not like they read anything you write, that much is certain. I’m getting these “<’K’person> started following you” notifications on days my page views remain on a solid 0. So they must be clicking follow on every name they come across on their homepage regardless of content.

It irks me more than it should. I am fairly new to Medium, I just decided I like it here, I haven’t even begun to set up a network. But already I’m thinking “Ugh. It’s people like you who ruin a great concept for the rest of us.”

I guess the good thing about being irritated by people who seem to abuse the site for no particular reason, it’s a sign I’ve started to claim it as my own. I’ve moved in. It feels like it’s time I start to make nice with the neighbors.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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