Yes, No, it’s complicated. Of course it’s complicated, it’s a geek thing. And the fans don’t even really know since what used to be cannon might not be cannon anymore since Disney bought the rights.

And I am just a Trekkie who got seduced by the dark side, so I really shouldn’t be getting into it this deeply, but…

“Jedi” is a title you earn by undergoing Jedi training. The last to get Jedi training is Luke Skywalker. Half-assed training, but still training. And confronting his father was supposed to be his trail. So Luke is in fact the last actual Jedi.

Of course, “Jedi” is just a word and the Force doesn’t really care one way or the other. There are plenty of people about who can use the force but never had official training. They are mostly called the Force Adept. And if they use the force for good, people might start calling them “Jedi”.

“Last Jedi” is the next movie to come out and while the title is accurate, it by no means indicates the last Star Wars movie. (Or the end of the timeline)

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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