His problem is people getting upset about petty things and doing fuck all about the important things like the fact that we are destroying our planet.

Yes, people are going to be upset about things they have to deal with every day. That’s just how it works. You yourself are much more likely to write about stupid people and which zone they live in than any “important problem” because you deal with stupid people and zones every day. You could be doing a million little things to lessen your impact on the environment in your daily life…Which, I’ve learned from your writing, includes making use of public transport. Ironically doing something for the planet puts you in contact with more people. By sheer numbers, also more stupid people. And you can’t actually do anything about that. Not legally anyway. So you vent.

I think you can’t tell people’s priorities by the things they get upset about. Because in general, people don’t need to vent about things they are actively doing something about. And just because a problem is petty, doesn’t make it any less annoying.

(which, guess, you haven’t)


the stuff you think important is so when, in fact, the issues you are raising are comparatively insignificant.

I wasn’t asking in terms of significance. I was asking about things I simply don’t understand. Those were honest questions, not arguments disguised with a question mark. As I wrote above, I understand people who are dealing with the issue in daily life getting upset, regardless of how insignificant anyone else thinks it is. But anyone who is not dealing with gender issues, and does not have empathy nor a dislike for those who do, still making an issue out of it, just strikes me as strange.

… and then we get on Twitter(how appropriately named that is) and witter on about patriarchal pronouns and restricted freedom to express sexuality.

I don’t have a Twitter, so I can’t say how prevalent this really is. But I’m guessing it’s pretty much like any other social media platform, largely depended on how you’ve curated the people you follow. I shy away from extremists of any flavor. They tend to get broken record type repetitive.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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