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You are Beautiful

She stood in front of the large mirror, fresh out of the shower and tried to towel dry her hair. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and grimaced. She would like to have seen herself ten years younger and ten pounds lighter. But her refection was merciless.

Sitting on the edge of the bed behind her, he must have seen the face she made at herself. “You are so beautiful,” he told her.

She gave him a polite little smile via the mirror, not believing his words. She turned her critical gaze on her naked body. Bulging pouch of a belly, thighs that jiggles and were dotted with cellulite. Her breasts were slowly surrendering to gravity, nowhere near as perky as they had once been. ‘Beautiful’ was hardly a label that fit her.

“How can you not see how beautiful you are?” he asked, running both hands over her ass cheeks. His erection stood straight up, as an exclamation mark to his words.

“Would you like a list?” She asked darkly.

“No,” he responded. His hands slipped over her hips towards her waist, where they grabbed her and pulled her onto his lap. “But I think you might need one.”

He pulled her wet hair to the left, exposing her right ear and the right side of her neck. He gently kissed her earlobe. “Look at you,” he whispered in her ear, looking with her in the mirror, “Look at this slender, elegant neck.”

He kissed her neck from her earlobe down to her shoulder. “Look at this perfectly shaped shoulder, this healthy, radiant skin”

She watched in the mirror how he kissed her shoulder, from the base of her neck towards the beginning of her upper arm. She was starting to breathe a little heavier. His hard cock pressed up against her ass.

He moved his hands under her arms forward, cupping her breasts. “Look at these big, luxurious breasts. So soft, so sensitive,” He whispered between kisses. “Look how they fill up my hands.”

She watched his hand softly massage her breasts. Her nipples began to harden. She moaned softly.

He gently rolled her nipples between his index finger and thumb. “Look at these beautiful dark nipples, how they contrast with your flesh.”

She leaned back against him, purring with delight. He ran his hands downwards. “Look at the gentle curve of these amazing hips.”

He slipped his hands into the gap between her thighs, pushing them open, revealing her vulva in the mirror. He hooked her knees over his, using his own legs to keep hers open. “Look at this beautiful pink flower,” he whispered, running his fingers over her labia. The tips of his finger slipped a little way into her vagina, finding wetness there. “Look how eager it is to receive pleasure.”

He slipped his hands under her buttocks, lifting her up for a moment and slowly lowered her unto his erection. She gasped as she felt and saw his penis slide into her. “Look how well it sits on my cock,” he said with a soft groan. A shiver traveled through her. He didn’t move his hips; let her just rest on his lap while he was inside her.

He quickly wet the index finger on his right hand in his mouth. “Look at this pretty little knob right here,” he whispered, putting light pressure on her clitoris, “How it responds to touch.”

She shivered again. He kept his fingers still, pressed against her. She started moving her hips, simultaneously grinding against his fingers to stimulate her clitoris and riding on his penis. He was breathing hard now. “Look,” he said hoarsely. Talking took a little more effort. He groaned and had to swallow before he could continue, “Look at those long, sexy legs. How the muscles are working under the skin to give you want you want.”

She reached back with her arm running her fingers through his hair and pressing his head against her neck. He ran his left hand back up to her breast. She watched herself fuck him in the mirror. She saw the base of his penis starting to glisten, wet from the juices flowing from her vagina. She rocked her hips harder.

He was kissing her neck again while looking at their reflection. “Look at that perfect blush spreading on your cheeks, how your lips are turning a deeper pink. Prettier than any makeup can ever make them,” he whispered between hard breaths, “Look at those amazing bedroom eyes that always drive me crazy.”

“Oooh,” she moaned loudly. He didn’t have the focus to narrate for her anymore, but he didn’t need to. She watched herself as she got closer to her climax. Little pearls of sweat appeared on her skin, shimmering in the light as she moved. He grabbed her hips, now finally moving with her. “Oh yes!”

Her orgasm started like fire starting in her underbelly, rapidly filling her whole body with heat, until all her muscles shook with pleasure. In the mirror she could see liquid dripping down his penis, all the way down his balls. He pushed upwards hard, one last time, releasing his own climax. He let himself fall backwards on the bed.

She got off his lap and half sat, half laid next to him, her head cradled in his shoulder. “Thank you,” She said after she had caught her breath.

“My absolute pleasure,” he responded a little out of breath. After a few seconds he added: “You might have to take a shower again, though.”

She giggled. “Yeah, I should.”

She got up. Before she walked back into the bathroom she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and smiled. She looked like a woman. And she looked pretty damned good.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.