“You have an excess of Mistresses. There’s a word for keepers like you”

The ‘word’, I’m pretty sure, is ‘winner’. Nothing could stand before my army of level 10 Mistresses.

Ah, memories. I remember clearly the years Bullfrog was promising us a different kind of game. A game where we could play the forces of evil. A game riddled with problems during development. A game that came out after it’s time.

When Dungeon Keeper finally came out, it was already obsolete. The graphics were horrible for it’s time. But I’d been waiting for it for so long, that was an easy flaw to forgive. And once I did, it was so easy to see what they had wanted the game to be. The atmosphere, the sound, the attitude, it was exactly what I had hoped for.

Then they brought out Dungeon Keeper 2. And it was everything the game should have been. They kept the atmosphere, the sounds and the attitude and now it was pretty as well. The battles, with the sounds of the battle merging so perfectly with the music, were gorgeous. DK2 is easly my favorite game of all time. I spend many nights behind my computer, slapping imps until the early hours of morning.

All these memories came back, because my laptop now holds ‘War for the Overworld’ by Subterranean Games. Which is Dungeon Keeper in everything but name. And from the (admittedly small) part I played, it looks and feels perfect. If I seem to have dropped off the face of this earth, it’s because I’m busy spreading my brand of evil among those revoltingly good heroes. If only for nostalgia’s sake.

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