that involves torture, humiliation, degradation …

You know there’s ways to sate this impulse ethically. It’s called consent. Of course the end result is “little death” rather than loss of life, but still…

the things that differentiate the evil man from the good — meaning I increasingly fail the test.

differentiate the kinky man from the vanilla — tomato, tometo. Just stop kink-shaming yourself, Angel.

the idea of doing a Dexter and excusing my behaviour with “But I’m making the World a better place at the same time”

That’s when you decide killing is not important to avoid. However you justify it to yourself is a detail. Point is, a choice is made. Dexter decided he couldn’t abstain from killing humans. His choice was to be evil, regardless of his father’s teachings. He decided to indulge his “dark passenger” as the series calls it. Which is the same darkness Vimes decided to kill with his lantern. He wanted to kill the people who used him. Knew he would enjoy it. But didn’t let himself.

As though being killed by having an exploding donkey catapulted onto your head were, somehow, not humiliating.

Well, I mean, that’s down to preference I suppose. I happen to think that a old lady that mutters to herself is a bit more humiliating than a donkey. *shrug* It’s probably the same difference as between shitting yourself in public and pissing yourself in public.

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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