You’re linking me the sales pitch.

Okay, I have said a bunch of times before, communication, for a platform that hosts a bunch of talented writers, is strangely bad for Ev and crew. But, in the story you cant get to because you didn’t go member:

We are planning to invest 100% of founding Medium member revenues on content. Over time, we plan to start covering our own costs — but we’re over-investing in the short term to help kick off the right types of content, and we’ll continue to invest aggressively in the longer term.

In order to ensure quality and make sure creators get paid fairly, we are not paying contributors based on any sort of performance metric. We will be paying a flat fee per piece, which will vary depending on length, amount of original research, and the credentials of the author. Members will also get a say — what you read and recommend will have a big effect on what we buy more of and how much we’re willing to pay. (The easiest way to affect this as a member is to recommend the type of stuff you want more of.)

(bold for emphasis added by me)

I joined in early, this is correct, so for now my money is said to go 100% to writers. But I plan on using Medium for a long time. I am going for the “eventually”.

I do want writers I think are good to get paid. I am being strategic with my recommends. It is partly up to me. I think current PayPall movement happening among writers, is a great thing. I’m just not convinced “the best” stories are getting rewarded the most with PayPal. Nor am I convinced “the best” stories are recommended by me. Popular isn’t best. After all, Justin Bieber is popular.

Just out of curiosity, was I supposed to be annoyed at your description that a curator’s judgments could be superior to my own? :)

Writer of fiction, blogs and erotica. Frequency in that order. Popularity in reverse.

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